Waste-Baler Press

We are specialists at Hydraulic Engineering, and thus we are able to manufacture the H10 Waste Press and up. 

These machines are used to achieve effective recycling. Baling systems will maximize profit, by reducing transport costs, reducing Carbon Footprint and minimize storage space to an absolute minimum.

Used to compress large amounts recyclables i.e.  Paper, Cardboard and Plastics.

Bales range in weight depending on model. i.e  from 110kg (Kraft K4) on BH-10 baler to 560kg (Kraft K4) on BH 28 – series baler.

These Baler is available in several different “Door” and Continues models:

Door Balers:   BH – 10     BH- 15    BH-15 XL    BH – 25  BH  26     BH – 28

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