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...improving business efficiency.


OrderlineBOX is a software system for the corrugated box industry. It speeds up the quote to invoice process and is user-friendly software which is suitable for all sizes of corrugated packaging business. The software is made up of modules and is very flexible. It can be customised to meet the needs of sheet plants, integrated corrugated plants and packaging suppliers. It is a proven solution which helps corrugated box plants to get quotes out faster, win more business and improve efficiency and communication across your business.

OrderlineBOX software streamlines and improves the entire quote to invoice process in your corrugated box business. It speeds up the creation of quotations and then converts them into sales orders, work orders and, ultimately to sales invoices. It gives you much better control and visibility of your packaging business, removes double-entry of data and improves accuracy.

Highly customisable modular software, OrderlineBOX is designed to allow all sizes of packaging businesses to choose the modules you want to use and to tailor the software to work the way you do. Our software is specifically designed for businesses in the cardboard and corrugated box manufacture and distribution sector. It has proven business benefits within a range of packaging businesses from the smaller independent sheet plants to fully integrated corrugated plants. Packaging distributors are also using our software to help them improve business efficiency.

We offer a free 30 day no obligation trial of our software to prospective clients because we are confident that once seen in action the benefits of orderlineBOX software are very clear to see.

OrderlineBOX integrates with accounting ledgers, including Sage 50, to provide a streamlined and secure end-to-end solution. Alternatively orderlineBOX can operate as a totally standalone package.
OrderlineBOX is extremely user-friendly software with a clean, fresh, modern user-interface so is very popular with staff across a range of business functions.

With a choice of two deployment options, you can implement either on-premise or in the cloud, the choice is yours. As a web-based application, set-up times are extremely quick and easy which means that you can increase user numbers as your business grows.