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How I made my First Million with a Boxpac Roller Die Cutter

Corrugated box machines? My friend asked. Who uses corrugated boxes??

How I made my First Million with a Boxpac Roller Die Cutter

Corrugated Box machines and boxes  have paid for my houses, car's, funded part of my parents retirement and they can do the same for you. My story is simple...


In 1995 while doing my Fitting & Turning apprentiship at my dad's engineering shop I found a way to buy cardboard that had been sent for recycling and convert it from 30c/kg to R7,50/kg. I made 8x8x2 tart boxes and before I knew it I was makeing 1000's of boxes on the corrugated box machines that my dad was building. My first machine (#1) a Roller Die Cutter was so easy to opperate that the tea lady and I started makeing stock during our tea and lunch times and this resulted in...

Roller Die Cutter making a cardboard box

Cardboard Box making is simple with a BOXPAC Roller Die Cutter. Using unskilled labour you could be making Medium size PIZZA BOXES at up to 12/min within seconds of connecting the machine. One person on their own can make up to 5 a minute. 

Die Cutter for making cardboard boxes is the easiest way to go. This old video was taken of a team running 12 cardboard boxes a minute and as the die had 2 parts (5kg bait box and lid) they were in fact running 24 pieces per minute!! This die cutter can also run with one operator but obviously a little lower :-).

Box Machine Setting

Box Machine Setting

Corrugated box machines are generally high tech these days but we supply machines that are user friendly and easy to set.

Running a corrugated box machine

Our box machines in action to show you what they can do...

Running a corrugated box machine

Corrugated boxes although low on the "food chain" are a critical for your client to achieve their logistic goals and running machines effectively will ensure that you working at the machines optimum.